Horus Cafe on A

293 East 10 st & Ave A




212 - 228 - 4774


Dinner menu



Soups & Salads


Harira 7

Tomato based soup with cilantro, celery, onionschickpeas & lentils 


Lentil 7

Made with diced carrots, green peppers & chicken broth


Chicken Caesar 13

Marinated & grilled chicken breast, parmesan cheese & croutons over romaine lettuce


Greek 10

Tomato, onion, cucumber, green pepper, kalamata olives & feta cheese


Fresh mozzarella 10

Fresh slices of tomatoes and mozzarella garnished with basil & olive oil 9 Fattoush diced tomatoes, cucumbers, radish, onion, lettuce & topped with fried pita


Tabouleh 9

Finely diced parsley, tomatoes & red onion mixed with lemon juice & olive oil 9 Mediterranean chopped salad Finely diced cucumbers, tomatoes, onion & parsley


Goat cheese salad 10

Original soft goat cheese, arugula, beats & orange slices 


Seafood Arugula salad 15

with avocado & cherry tomatoes







Hummus 9

Puréed chickpeas with tehini sauce


Three way Hummus 12

Chipotle, classic & cilantro


Lebna 9

kefir cheese made with cucumber & garlic


Babaghanoush 9

Roasted and mashed eggplants with tehini sauce & parsley


Cairo Falafel 10

Fried ball of chickpeas, fava beans, parsley & mashed vegetables



Moroccan Cigars 12

Oven baked & phyllo wrapped ground beef, seasoned with fresh middle eastern spices


Aja Merguez 12

Lamb sausage stew with tomato sauce, peppers & topped with a stirred egg


Fried Calamari 12

Crispy tender calamari with marinara & mango chili sauce


Mozzarella sticks 9

Coated in a simple batter & fried with a side of marinara sauce


Chicken wings 11

Oven baked & deep fried with the choice of spicy, sweet or barbecue


Boneless wings 11

Choice of buffalo, BBQ or sweet chili sauce


Popcorn Shrimp 10

Served with garlic aioli & chipotle mayo


Chicken quesadilla 13

Served with sour cream & guacamole








Fresh cut marinated with medditraian spices and fresh herbs, Served with mini mezze, basmati rice & vegetables


Chicken Kabob 22


Lamb or Veal Kabob 23


Kofte Kabob 20


Veggie Kabob 17

Mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, bell pepper, red onion & red potatoes, Served with basmati rice


Lamb Chops 27

5 Pieces of marinated lamb chops, Served with mashed potatoes & steamed asparagus 


Rib-eye Steak 27

12oz of well marinated rib-eye steak, grilled Served with fries & mix green salad


Mixed grill 30

Kotfe kabob, chicken kabob, veal kebob, lamb chops & merguez Served with basmati rice & grilled veggies


Grilled Salmon 24

Fresh cut salmon Served with mashed red potatoes & mix green salad


Horus Burger 16

Homemade burger topped with feta cheese, arugula, baby spinach & sautéed onions


Fajitas 24

Lamb, chicken or combo sautéed with red onions & green peppers, Served on a sizzling plate







Rolled in Thin Crusted Lebanese Wraps, Served with fries


Crispy Shrimp & Avocado 14

Arugula, tomatoes & chipotle mayo


Falafel wrap 12

Lettuce, tomatoes, onions & tehini sauce


Shawarma 13

Beef or chicken shawarma with tomatoes, onions & garlic sauce 


Kofte wrap 13

Arugula, tomatoes, & tehini sauce










Hummus, babaghanoug, tabouleh salad & falafel


$24 for 2

$36 for 4



Fried calamari, chicken wings, mozzarella sticks & fries


$28 for 2

$40 for 4




Kofte kabob, chicken kabob, veal kabob, lamb chops & merguez, Served with basmati rice & grilled veggies


$45 for 2

$70 for 4








Basmati Rice $5

Grilled Vegetables $6

French Fries $6

Mashed Potatoes $6

Mini Mezze $8




Tea’s and traditional drinks



Moroccan Tea pot $6

Green Tea with Fresh Mint


Egyptian Tea pot $6

Red Tea with Fresh Mint


Ginger tea $5


Anise tea $5


Chamomile tea $5


Red Clover tea $5


Fresh mint tea $5


Hibiscus tea $5


Egyptian tea $5


Erfa $5

Cinnamon & milk


Sahlab $6

Middle Eastern Milk Pudding






Cafe Mocha $5

Cafe latte $5

Cappuccino $5

American coffee $5

Turkish Coffee $5

Espresso $4

Hot chocolate $5

Iced coffee $5





Soft drinks



Fresh juices $8

(Apple, Pineapple, Orange & Grapefruit)


Milk shakes $8

(Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry or Banana)


Mixed Fruit Shake $8


Lemonade $6


Mango | Guava juicE $5


Sodas $4


Still or Sparkling water $4





(Glass $10 | Pitcher $55)


Sex on the Beach




Pineapple Peach Mixer




Mixed berry margarita


Blackberry Bourbon 


Green tea punch


Trouble Maker



(Strawberry, Guava or Mango)






(Glass $10 | Pitcher $55)


Bomby kiss


Guava Fizz


French martini


Sex on the beach




White sangria


Red sangria




Chocolate martini




Beer $8


Kronenbourg 1664 (French)




Almaza (Lebanese) 








Amstel Light


Efes (Turkish)


Blue Moon



Draft Beer


Stella$7         Stella Pitcher $28






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